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Some people just want to watch the world burn... I am one of them ;)

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독고 = Dokgo
Ask John Smith for support !

Dokgo Rewind Support:
Ku Bon Hwan (“aye, buy us food”)
Choi Jae Wook (blondie)
Kim Hyun Sun (group sister)
Kim Kyu Soon (brother to Hyun Sun; currently deceased)
Cho Ho Rim (Pyo Tae Jin’s admirer)

The Trinity, Ki Chun-Dang Yong-Dae Shin Engineering + Bae Sung All Girls

Ki Chun High:
Cho Kang Hoon (Alliance leader and Ki Chun’s circle head; cousin of Lee Tae Hyun)
Young Ha (Ki Chun’s circle vice-head)
Noh Jung Rae (Jong Il’s school friend; currently bottom rank of Ki Chun)
Kim Dae Ki (current head of Ki Chun’s 1st years)

Dang Young High:
Kim Sung Kyu (head of Dang Young’s circle; murdered Kyu Soon)
Park Hyung Kook (former vice-head and 2nd year head of Dang Young’s circle; not an asshole)
Shin Doh Yoon (Dong Young 3rd year Rank 7; cousin of Shin Soo Jung)
Joo Sung Ik (currently Rank 4 of the 2nd years; eyed-up Hyun Sun and started this shit)
Lee Ki Joo (current head of Dang Young’s 1st years; was not an asshole for a brief moment)

Dae Shin Engineering High:
Park Sung Woo (head of Dae Shin Engineering’s circle; currently attacking Woo Bin)

Bae Sung All Girls High:
Choi Mira (Bae Sung leader)
Kim Bo Young (one of the Three Queens; unaffiliated; possibly the strongest)
Shin Soo Jung (Joo Sung Ik’s girlfriend; a bitch)

Dong Jin-Yurim-Han Chang Engineering Alliance:

Dong Jin High:
Park Pyeong Chun (Alliance leader and Dong Jin’s circle head)
Ryu Hee Soo (vice-head of Dong Jin’s circle; fought and lost to Jong Il)

Yurim High:
Yoo Il Sang (head of Yurim’s circle)
Kim Nam Hee (Il Sang’s girlfriend; Hyun Sun’s cousin; one of the Three Queens)

Han Chang Engineering:
Ki Woo Bin (head of Han Chang Engineering’s circle; fought Pyeong Chun for leadership)
Jang Jee Hee (one of the Three Queens)

My Delinquent Emojis Evil.gif Evil.gif

Smilie Gang

Wave_emoticon.gif Hi_Hi_Hi.gif Wave.gif Wave_emoticon2.gif Accepted.png Facepalm.gif Hmphsmiley.gif SMH.gif Dull.gif Idea.gif Allears.png Thumbs_up.gif Ok.gif Bored.gif Rolls_eyes.gif Blahblahblah.gif Emoticon-00123-party.gif Iykwim.gif Clapemoticon.gif Love_it_Clap.gif Nod.gif Disagreeemoticon.gif Huh.gif Confuse.gif Confused.gif Dafuq.gif Surprise.gif Phew.gif Whistler.gif Sleep.gif Sleep.gif Sleep.gif Nerd.gif Hypno.gif Frustrated.gif Fist_shake.gif How_Dare_You.gif Flaming_Angry.gif ANGRY.gif B%C3%B6ser-Smiley.gif Explode.gif Happy2.gif Big_grin.gif Giggle.gif Laugh.gif Lol.gif 24.gif Lolol.gif LMAO.gif Mouth_Watering.gif Omgomg.gif OMG_2.gif Happybounce.gif Woo.gif Boogie.gif Rainbow_Rave.gif X3.gif Flailing_Cookie.gif Ice_Cream.gif X_x.gif Zombie.gif Evil.gif Mx1.gif Circle_Run.gif Headspin.gif Spin%21.gif Runaway.gif
Thank_You.gif Goku_lol.gif Minigun%21%21%21.gif Guns_blazing.gif Major_Overreaction.gif Biryong.gif Cheers%21.gif Happy_Birthday.gif Happy_Birthday2.gif BJ.gif Fap.gif Fapfest.gif Fapsplosion.gif

Angelic.gif Laughing1.gif Laughing2.gif Laughing3.gif Moonwalk.gif Bboy_smilie.gif Dancer_man.gif Laterz.gif Shifty.gif Evil_Devil.gif Head_bash.gif Psshhhh.gif Headache.gif High_Smilie.gif

Green_red_hug.gif Jump_%26_Hug.gif Groups.gif Yay_buddies.gif Highfive.gif HIGH_FIVE.gif RUN.gif

Emoticon-ninja.gif Emoticon-dance.gif Ban_Hammer.png Emoticon_horns.png Emoticon-Sun.gif Upvote.png Downvote.png Emoticon_stop.png
Stripper_Deadpool.gif Batman.gif

Monkey Gang

Lookout_Monkey.gif Dizzy_Monkey.gif Yes_Monkey.gif Whistling_Monkey.gif Whisper_Monkey.gif Tarzan_Monkey.gif Lawyer_Monkey.gif Laughing_Monkey.gif Happy_Monkey.gif Clap_Monkey.gif Bye_Monkey.gif Awestruck_Monkey.gif Angry_Monkey.gif Frozen_Monkey.gif Hero_Monkey.gif Huff_Monkey.gif Punching_Monkey.gif Running_Monkey.gif Sad_Monkey.gif Cry.gif WOW_Monkey.gif

SMH_Monkey.gif Running_Monkey.gif Pervy_Monkey.gif Nosebleed_Monkey.gif Monkey_Popcorn.gif Me_Monkey.gif Lol_Monkey.gif Hot_Monkey.gif Camera_Monkey.gif Smoking_Monkey.gif Smooth_Monkey.gif Yo_Monkey.gif Monkey_Dance.gif Rage_monkey.gif Ill_Monkey.gif Ill_Monkey2.gif Money_Monkey.gif Thinking_Monkey.gif Peeing_Monkey.gif DAT_ASS_Monkey.gif

PokĂŠmon Gang

Gastly.gif Mewtwo_blast.gif
Charizard.gif Mew.gif Dizzy_Spinda.gif Dragonite.gif Mega_Rayquaza.gif Shadow_lugia1.gif

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