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This template is used for chapter 1-9 and functions identically to {{ChapterRewind}}. Unlike the aforementioned template, the external link for Mangacow is not automatically generated by the special module, thus it needs to be added manually in the relevant field.
Type {{ChapterRewind2|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
| Title         = Chapter 3
| image         = Ch3.png
| imagewidth    = 300
| anchor        = 1
| mngcow        =
| season        = 1
| chapter       = 3
| korean        = Who knows?
| english       = ''Unavailable''

Note: The "anchor" field must always be filled with the number "1" or the chapter link will not be generated.

Results in...

Chapter 3
Chapter Links
Lezhin Mangacow
Chapter Information
Season 1
Chapter 3
Release Date
Korean Who knows?
English Unavailable
Episode Guide
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