Kim Jong Il
Jong il
Korean Name
김종일, Gim Jong Il
Personal Details
High School dropout
Debut Appearance

Kim Jong Il (김종일, Gim Jong Il) is a High School dropout and one of Hyuk's closest friends. He is known for his unique way of fighting and the fact that he uses a pen as a weapon.


Kim Jong Il has big eyes and is lacking on strengh due to his rather frail stature. It was also mentioned that he looks more like a girl than a boy. Furthermore his black hair is always short cutted and curley but during the first chapters of Dokgo Rewind his hair was too short as anyone could notice curls. Kim Jong Il also has pale skin and under his right eye is a horizontal scar. However his eyes have the same colour as his hair and compard to the beginng of Dokgo Rewind his height increased a lot just like his physical strengh did.


Kim Jong Il is a calm individual and seems to want to get his life together, he works at a restaurant as a delivery boy and frequently delivers chicken(hence the nickname "Chicken Shuttle"). Jong Il seems to be focused on ending his old ways of life in the beginning of the story. Willing to purposely lose a fight to do so.

Jong Il is a very loyal friend to Hyuk, as he is very willing to fight several people for him, rescue a hostage for him, and aid him in any way that he can.





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